Remitano Invest

Your easiest crypto assets investment ever!

Remitano believes financial freedom is the foundation of happiness and blockchain is the key to open that door. We work relentlessly to improve and bring blockchain technology closer to everyone. That is why Remi Invest was developed, expecting to diversify investment vehicles while upholding the high standards of convenience, fast and safety.

How to use Remitano Invest:

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Pick the alt-coin you would like to invest.

Example: Selct EOS

The Create investment form will appear

Step 3: Enter the amount and click Create Investment.


Then it will open the investment details form as follow. The valuation of the investment will be live updated.

Your investment will run until you close it

When you close your investment, your profit will be added into your balance, and the investment details form will display the investment’s status as Closed

Step 4: You can monitor your investments from Dashboard


  • Profit gained from each investment position will be temporarily locked in 24 hours to ensure transparency and prevent fraudulent activities
  • You can only open or close investment position. You cannot withdraw or deposit Altcoin.
  • During the beta testing phase, the total amount of investment in the system will be capped.