The official Invest version is available at 1% fee. (Only applicable for profitable investments)

“Every improvement contributing to your outstanding experience is our daily motivation.”

After 3 months of testing, Invest was launched based on the desire of helping our customers invest in a wider variety of cryptocurrencies in a quick, easy and secure way. Invest has quickly become an effective investment channel for casual investors to use on a daily basis. 

Users can choose from 5 types of Altcoins which have high market capitalization (based on, which includes EOSBinance Coin,  TRON,  Cardano and Stellar. According to our findings on Remitano, more than 95% of investments are completed in just 1 week. This shows that there is a lot of potential to Invest as an effective investment channel that is no less competitive than other competitors in the industry

Starting from August 14, 2019, the official Invest version will be launched with a fee of 1% of the total value of closing orders for profitable investments.

This improvement is aimed to make Invest participants benefits more instead of paying a fixed fee for all the orders like other investment services in the market. Now, you only have to pay when your investment is profitable. This is to ensure a Win-Win scenario for everyone, helping all users to reap actual benefits on their investments: You only need to share a portion of the profit if your investment is profitable and in exchange, Remitano will absorb the fees if your investment closes at a loss.

For example: If you issue an investment order of 100 USDT, when you close your order at a profit of 10 USDT, then the fee you pay for this investment is 110 * 1%, which is equivalent to 1.1 USDT. In case you get 1 USDT profit, the fee is only 1 USDT instead of 101 * 1% (1.01 USDT). This will help you preserve the initial capital investment if the profit is too small.

At the end of each investment, your USDT balance will be credited immediately, instead of being locked for 24 hours. This is to ensure transparency and prevent the act of cheating.

What makes Invest a superior investment feature compared to other products in the market is its ability to create an immediate investment and opening order optimization with just two clicks.

See the user guide Here


  • To start using Invest, you need to have USDT available in your Remitano Wallet. If you are holding other currencies, you can use the SWAP function to convert to USDT (see here).
  • Minimum amount to issue an investment is 20 USDT
  • The profit earned from each investment will not locked for 24 hours as the previous version but shown in real-time.
  • Investors can only close or open orders without being able to deposit or withdraw Altcoin.
  • Investors can open multiple orders at the same time and monitor their investments separately
  • With the new Invest version, before you open the order, there will be a notice of this fee to ensure you have a full understanding before making decision. Refer to the picture below:

In summary, the numerous outstanding features of Invest promises to be a suitable choice for casual investors looking for opportunities from high marketcap and reputable Altcoins.

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