Cryptocurrency Swap Trading is Now Possible on Remitano

Not too long ago, buying and selling cryptocurrency in local currency was difficult, tedious and at times nearly impossible. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency were not favoured by banks and governments were quick to tighten their regulatory grips on crypto trading.

Even trading cryptocurrency on large centralised exchanges like Binance and Bittrex can be cumbersome, as the process of depositing fiat currency to purchase or trade in cryptocurrency usually takes a long time. For certain countries and jurisdiction, there is also an increased risk of blocked transactions or frozen bank accounts.

Fast-forward to today, more and more services have eased the process for users to trade their cryptocurrencies. Remitano, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, began with trading cryptocurrencies with local currencies via a peer-to-peer model. This decentralised system allowed users from around the globe to buy and sell Bitcoins easily and securely through fiat currencies.

From fiat to crypto-to-crypto trading

Remitano’s peer-to-peer trading model has proven to play an important role, especially with escrow, privacy protection and strict regulation within the platform’s trades to ensure the financial security of its users are well protected. The user base grew exponentially in Vietnam, Nigeria, Malaysia, and later on to other countries in Asia and around the world.

In an effort to scale the platform further, Remitano has introduced a swap trading feature to support crypto-to-crypto trading. By combining the peer-to-peer and centralised model, buying cryptocurrency on Remitano will soon take minutes instead of days. This in effect creates a closed life-cycle for its users.

The benefits of swap trading on Remitano are plenty, including:

  • No trading fees
  • Instant exchange of cryptocurrencies
  • Trading between trustworthy users with good track record

The swap feature for BTC/USDT pair is in beta launching stage, whereby a selected number of senior, trustworthy users of Remitano will be allowed to participate in swap trading. Currently, the platform will support limit and market orders only.


At a later stage, Remitano will also be adding:

  • Other cryptocurrency pairs
  • Margin trading
  • Providing API to enhance liquidity to reduce the bid-ask spread

With a trusted brand name and user base, Remitano is confident in bringing a seamless trading experience while creating a safe and friendly crypto exchange space.

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