Remitano Weekly (16/12): Samsung offers cold wallet, Bitcoin as in top Google Trends 2018

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Mike Novogratz explains why he’s still all-in on crypto: The legendary investor remains Wall Street’s biggest crypto bull, and for good reason. In this interview, Novogratz opens up on why he’s still all-in on the platform, and how he plans to pivot his investment strategy moving forward.

How Blockchain Is Used in the Food Industry: Blockchain has made the food industry become more ethical. However, how do we make sure that an ‘organic chicken’ is really organic, and that we would create entirely trustless food supply networks?

The blockchain labor market is still growing – here’s what’s in demand: Despite bearishness in the crypto markets this year, the job market in the space continues to expand. Blockchain jobs are on the rise, and average salaries in the industry continue to grow at a record rate.


Facebook aggressively hiring blockchain devs, discussed launching cryptocurrency

2018-12-16 (4)

Facebook has embarked on an aggressive hiring spree to woo crypto experts to expand its blockchain group amid speculation that the social media monopoly is considering launching its own cryptocurrency.

Accordingly, Facebook is trying to hire crypto-savvy engineers, product managers, academics, and legal experts. The secretive unit includes people who have worked on Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Facebook is also considering launching a cryptocurrency that would enable its 2 billion users around the world to make electronic payments without the need for a traditional bank.

Though being active in recruiting, Facebook is also trying to scoop up crypto start-ups that are at the white-paper level, which means they don’t really have a product yet. Additionally, Facebook is having a lot of trouble with their recruiting efforts due to the finite talent in cryptocurrency industry and its numerous recent data-privacy scandals that have eroded the public’s trust in the corporate juggernaut.

The idea of Facebook creating a cryptocurrency and a digital economy within its ecosystem is either incredibly exciting or one of the scariest things in the world. It’s very polarizing, but they are actively building this up. I think we can expect to see Facebook buy some companies up in the crypto space in the next year.

France: Gov’t report recommends $570 million blockchain investment

2018-12-16 (2)

French political deputies want to spend €500 million (about $569 million) on state-level blockchain deployments over the next three years.

The publication said both blockchain and cryptocurrency interaction was high on the agenda of two members of parliament (MP), who are pushing the initiative forward in an effort to make France a “Blockchain Nation.” The politicians are also looking to play an active role in fostering Bitcoin mining in the country.

“2018 was the ‘year zero’ for blockchain popularization in France. 2019 should be the year that ecosystem emerges,” it quotes co-author MP Jean-Michel Mis as saying: “The idea takes the shape of pumping in €500 million over three years.”

The report’s authors also demand France become a more attractive environment for miners. Specifically, they wish to “recognize cryptocurrency mining as an electro-intensive activity,” allowing private mining enterprises access to beneficial power tariffs.

Block 7,080,000: Ethereum devs propose activation point for next hard fork

2018-12-16 (3)

Members of ethereum’s open-source development team have reached agreement on an activation time for Constantinople, a proposed code change designed to give users the option to update the blockchain with additional features.

Put simply, should users choose to accept the change by upgrading their software, the update would go live when the block is mined.

According to estimates by release manager for the Parity Ethereum client, Afri Schoedon, this means Constantinople is expected to go live between January 14 and 18. The block number is expected to be introduced onto the platform in the next batch of software updates.

Originally targeted for November, Constantinople would bring a host of design changes aimed at streamlining the platform’s code. Additionally, it seeks to delay the so-called “difficulty bomb” – a code fix designed to prompt frequent upgrades – for 18 months, while reducing the ether mining reward from 3 ETH to 2 ETH per block.

Speaking on the call, developers also discussed ProgPoW, a proposed change to ethereum’s underlying proof-of-work algorithm that would block the use of specialized mining hardware, known as ASICs, from the network. While progress in the ProgPoW implementation is going smoothly, developers urged that a decision has yet to be reached regarding its inclusion in any proposed software upgrades.

Developers also discussed ethereum 1x, another upgrade that is currently targeted for proposal in 2019. Several working groups gave accounts of their progress, but they stressed development is in early stages.

Bitcoin beats Google Trends in 2018 as internet users seek to know ‘What it is’


Google data shows ‘What is Bitcoin?’ was the most popular search question in the United States and United Kingdom for 2018, showing Bitcoin (BTC) has topped public consciousness online this year.

Capping various achievements in search rankings over the past twelve months, Bitcoin’s latest price volatility saw interest in understanding it peak again following a period of price stability.

‘What is Bitcoin’ currently tops this year’s ‘What is…?’ search list, while the annual listings also include one other cryptocurrency-related entry.

Despite overall Google searches for ‘Bitcoin’ coming down 75 percent as of June, the term was still more popular than household names such as Beyonce.

In mid-November, as the contentious hard fork of top crypto Bitcoin Cash (BCH) sparked volatility across markets, worldwide search interest in ‘Bitcoin’ hit six-month highs, gently trailing off in subsequent weeks.

At present South Africa, the Netherlands and Ghana represent the top three sources of ‘Bitcoin’ searches.

Samsung bitcoin app to offer a cold wallet for cryptocurrencies

2018-12-16 (1)

After hearing about the trademarks for Samsung’s blockchain and cryptocurrency software, The top tech player Samsung decided to dig around a little deeper into the emerging market by creating a cold wallet for storing cryptocurrency.

Samsung’s cold wallet app will enable users to import their existing wallets from third-party services like Metamask or TrustWallet. They will also be able to create a new one in the app itself. The cryptocurrencies and tokens supported initially may include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum-derived token ERC20 and Bitcoin Cash.

From the start of the year, Samsung has been expanding its mining operations, and the cryptocurrency wallet sector of the crypto industry is by all accounts the Samsung’s next target.

With cryptocurrencies, it seems that the mobile development is going to step into a new era, where the focus on hardware development might be rendered as less important and ultimately irrelevant. If large industry giants such as Samsung start to integrate cold wallet storage in their mobile devices that are already mainstream, then companies such as Trezor and Ledger that focus only on this segment shall be counted as unnecessary.

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