Product Updates Q1/2018

Looking for what’s new at Remitano? For each quarter we will provide you Product Updates which contains our core activities so that you can follow up, see what happens and recognize the development as well as our team’s effort in bringing you the best product. As the first quarter of 2018 marked a market slowdown after an excessive growth, we have significantly enhanced the quality of our products and services by improving the infrastructure of the system, integrating new currency, introducing new features and updating policies…

1. Improve the infrastructure for more stable products

 The rapid growth of the market over time that later resulted in a high volume of users has placed us in a scale-up niche in order to serve a large number of users every day. And in order to do this, we have been working on expanding and training our support team, maximizing the responsiveness, upgrading the server system, and more positive changes that the technical team is currently working on such as:

  • Improving infrastructure
  • Organizing and distributing data
  • Upgrading web server
  • Content Delivery Network

There will be more to look forward, we will continue to upgrade our products and services day by day in order to bring our customers greater experience and a better trading platform.

2. Bitcoin Cash integration

With an increasing demand for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), we have decided to integrate this currency on besides our currently available Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and USDT. Users now can easily toggle among Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash to send and request funds, safely manage balances as well as keep an eye on the market prices.

Product Updates Q1/2018

Additionally, after the lastest hard fork on May 15th that increase the block size to 32MB, users now can experience our Bitcoin Cash service with high transaction speed at low transaction fee. Trading Bitcoin Cash now becomes easier than ever. We fully believe in the potentials of Bitcoin Cash in terms of payment facilities, which is why we did not hesitate to introduce this currency on Remitano.

You can find more about Bitcoin Cash overview at:

3. Bitcoin Cash now has its own address format

 Bitcoin Cash is originally forked from Bitcoin, therefore address format of these two currencies are quite similar. This has led to confusion among users putting their money into the wrong address. Fortunately, Bitcoin Cash developers have temporarily solved this problem by releasing CashAddr to give Bitcoin Cash address a new look without having any effect on the underlying public and private keys.

What CashAddr does is simply display Bitcoin Cash address differently. For example, if your wallet address is 1MMwvvsQaeX4roYUDcPgA4616jouoZidij, then CashAddr will display this address into: bitcoincash:qr043vppztgf0mg2h2cc9c0aqvapwjhsnvfpl3cf0y. Both formats show your wallet and we do support both of them in the Bitcoin Cash withdrawal.

Product Updates Q1/2018

Also, if you accidentally transfer Bitcoin to our Bitcoin Cash address or vice versa, our support team will help you restore Bitcoin to its right wallet at Remitano. However, this process is time-consuming, therefore we recommend that you carefully check the address of the currency in order to avoid confusion.

We look forward to bringing you a better experience in Bitcoin Cash trading along with high trading speed, low fees, and a clear transacting process. For trading Bitcoin Cash at Remitano, visit

4. Important: GDPR goes into effect on May 25th, 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will officially take effect on May 25th. This regulation focuses on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. Under the new rule, EU users will have the privacy right to their data including email, name, username, IP address, documents, trading history and bank account information (Art. 4.1). If an EU citizen requests that their personal data be erased from a company’s records, the company then will have to follow the request (right to erasure/forgotten – Art. 17).

Organizations based outside of EU that offer services to EU citizens or store their profiles, for instance for advertisement purposes, will also be regulated by the GDPR (Art. 3).

Product Updates Q1/2018

5. Remitano compliance and users’ right to delete their account

Complying with the new regulations, we are currently improving our transparency by updating our Privacy Policy to identify what we collect about our users, how we use the information and keep it safe. By continuing using Remitano after the implementation of these updates, you are considered as having agreed to this new policy.

Users now can access to Profile and request to correct, update and blocking of inaccurate and/or incorrect data. You may also request to delete your account details or your transaction details by sending an email to us or visiting your profile page. We will proceed your request within 30 days and during this time, you can press Restore button to regain access and restore your data. Please note that your request will only proceed if it follows our policies and compliance procedures.

In addition to your privacy protection, we are currently reviewing and negotiating the contracts with the third-party suppliers to make sure that they comply with the applicable policies, including GDPR. Our internal controls on employees’ access to the data are also being improved. Last but not least, we will soon provide you more features that will help you easily manage and access some of your information within Remitano.

None of these steps will unlikely affect your daily use of our services. For more support on these adjustments, please email us at

Happy trading!

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