Remitano Empowers Women Through Cryptocurrency on International Women’s Day

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, Remitano is spearheading a drive towards empowering women all around the world through cryptocurrency. To encourage female participation in the crypto space, Remitano is pledging to donate 1,000 Satoshi to a women and children’s non-profit organization for every engagement received on Facebook and Twitter on their official International Women’s Day post.

The blockchain industry has always been largely participated and led by men (> 90% of crypto users are male), where women are but a minority in the space. Women, although consists of half of the world’s population, have yet to jump on the blockchain bandwagon in large numbers and benefited from this new digital and financial revolution. In line with this year’s International Women’s Day slogan of #BalanceForBetter, it’s time to encourage a more equitable balance of gender participation and adoption in cryptocurrencies.

Remitano was created with the mandate to help everyone – both men and women – buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily and quickly through a trusted, safe and secure peer-to-peer network. This campaign hopes to do exactly that for women all around the world.

On this year’s International Women’s Day, Remitano is aiming to attract more women to adopt and participate in the blockchain industry through a simple fundraising exercise. At the end of this campaign, the proceeds will then be donated to a non-profit organization that focuses on helping, protecting, and empowering women and children.

Cryptocurrency is centred at financial and technological democratization. Let’s now democratize gender participation in this exciting and promising new revolution. Remitano is committed to play an active part in this move forward for women everywhere, and you can do your part too.


How to Participate:

  1. Go to Remitano Facebook page and Twitter account
  2. Go to Remitano’s International Women’s Day post
  3. Like, comment, share, tag, favourite, or retweet (or all)
  4. At the end of the campaign, Remitano will calculate the total number of engagements on the Facebook and Twitter post
  5. Remitano will then donate 1,000 Satoshi for every Facebook engagement to a women and children’s non-profit organization of their choice.


Click here to participate.


Campaign Details:

  • 1 engagement on Facebook/Twitter = 1,000 Satoshi (1 BTC = 100,000,000 Satoshi)
  • Campaign ends at 11:59pm (GMT +7), March 10th 2019
  • Funds raised will be donated to a women and children’s non-profit organization  (that will be announced by the end of March 2019)
  • The maximum cap of donations will be 2 BTC
  • Participation through social media engagement is optional


Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day with Remitano and do good at the same time! Happy tagging, everyone.