Trade Ethereum in One of the World’s Largest Peer-to-Peer Exchanges

Remitano began with a mission to serve the needs of bitcoin traders, investors, and those seeking remittance services in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and China. The private platform provides users a mode to explore the world of blockchain and perform crypto trades at a much lower fee compared to other platforms.

Today, Remitano has added ethereum to its list of cryptocurrencies available for trading. The price of ethereum, the second largest coin in terms of market cap, has skyrocketed by over 3,000% by the end of 2017. It is by far one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies with arguably the highest application potential. Nearly all new ICOs are launched on ethereum’s smart contract platform, and it’s no surprise that the cryptocurrency is poised to have a bright, stable future.

Trade ethereum in Asia’s largest peer-to-peer exchange

While previously the platform only featured trading between Bitcoin and local currencies, now Remitano users across the globe can securely trade ethereum without worrying about fraudulent trading activities – something that is all too common in the cryptocurrency industry.

Cryptocurrency traders need to be watchful of fake exchanges, phishing schemes, and fraudulent wallets that bring malware into their devices, among other scames. Remitano is committed to inhibiting fraudsters from depleting cryptocurrency trading, which is arguably one of the most revolutionary digital advancements of our time.

Now with the added ethereum feature, Remitano is able to provide a safe space for you to trade ethereum too.

Comparing ethereum and bitcoin

Bitcoin is a form of decentralized digital currency that is created and held electronically, and which operates independently of governments or a central bank. While ethereum is similar in some ways, it is special in that it allows you to execute code on the blockchain technology and keep track of computer programs – to say, specify the conditions in which someone will get paid.

As an emerging coin, Remitano understands the needs of its users for ethereum trading, and is committed to providing users with a secure platform to engage with this world-changing market.

“We want to see bitcoin and ethereum succeed. Remitano is on a mission to bring bitcoin – and now ethereum – to everyone, and to provide a safe space for people to partake in this incredible market” – Dung Huynh, co-founder of Remitano

Creating a beneficial community for everyone

Similar to Remitano’s bitcoin trading feature, users will also be able to instantly earn 0.01 ETH for every referral that joins Remitano using the user’s link. Once the referrer trades (both buys and sells) a total of at least 2 ETH, the commission will be credited directly into the user’s account and can be used immediately.

Start trading ethereum here.