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Free USDT Deposit on Remitano

“Every improvement contributing to your outstanding experience is our daily motivation.” Tether (USDT) One of the most significant disadvantages cryptocurrencies have is the constant fluctuation of the price. And this makes it quite difficult for the users (and merchants) to adopt and use cryptocurrencies on a large scale. So, stablecoin steps up and tries to

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3 benefits of using ERC20 USDT Wallet on Remitano

In 2015, Fabian Vogelsteller introduced ERC20 which is a technical standard to implement smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain platform. According to, up to 01/07/2019, there is a total of 196,973 tokens on the Ethereum network that is compatible with ERC20. This number shows the popularity, high usability and the huge potential of this

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Enjoy fast USDT Wallet with ERC20 at Remitano

Tether ERC20 Token ERC is short for “Ethereum Request for Comments”, a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens. ERC20 is the technical standard number 20 and Token is basically a “Smart Contract”. ERC20 Token means the smart contract complied technical standard number 20. The majority of tokens issued

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