Cheetah Africa: Fintech and Blockchain Conference 2018

Remitano was one of the sponsors at Cheetah Africa Fintech and Blockchain Conference, a major fintech and blockchain conference that was held on 3rd August in Lagos, Nigeria.

It was a natural fit as Nigeria has accounted for one of the largest growing numbers of users on Remitano since the platform’s launch. There has also been a sizeable surge of interest and adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the African continent, making it poised to play a crucial part in the future of crypto.

The state of the African geopolitics and illiquid financial system have been said to be key drivers that have led many African citizens to adopt cryptocurrency as a mode of payment and investment. The decentralized, anonymous and immutable nature of the digital currency has opened doors of opportunity that Africans never thought possible.

Though despite cryptocurrency’s many illuminating solutions, the basic process of buying and selling crypto in fiat, whether by cash, credit card or bank transfer, has proven to be problematic and cumbersome. This is where Remitano comes in, by providing an easy, secure and seamless solution through peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange and trading.


A conference for the future of African fintech

Cheetah Africa is an avenue for venture capitalists and Investors to access the best of African ideas and innovations. It is a platform for emerging startups with innovative and realistic ideas and projects in the Fintech and Blockchain industry to get exposed to the industry bigwigs as well as provide an opportunity for these ideas and projects to get funded.

These are all important steps to prepare the best and the brightest towards building a better Africa. Cheetah Africa is committed to play a crucial role in birthing a generation that would redefine the realities of Africa. This generation would embrace disruptive technologies such as Fintech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things with an African liberationist mindset.


Cheetah Africa

Cheetah Africa is a Fintech non-profit organization registered in Nigeria and currently has operations in West, Central and East Africa. We hope to be fully established in every African country by December 2023. We would be the pool of African Fintech ideas and startups, providing them the necessary support structures needed for global relevance and competitiveness. We’d provide a platform for Venture Capitalists and Investors to access the best of African ideas and innovations.


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